Services and Rates

For Adult, YA, and Children’s Middle Grade Fiction

My rate is $2.00/ 1,000 words, with a $75 minimum.

I will give you feedback on

  • Plot and structure
  • Mood and tone
  • Character development and motivation
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing
  • Narrative style
  • Genre expectations

You will receive comments on each chapter as well as a minimum of 250 words of feedback on the story as a whole.

For Picture Books and Illustrated Early Chapter Books

I offer text-only critiques as well as critiques of the illustrated books as a whole. My background as an artist, writer, and fan of illustrated books helps me evaluate how the text and illustrations work together to bring the story to life.

Rates for Illustrated picture books and early chapter books

  • For feedback on text and illustrations, $100 per book
  • For feedback on text only,  $75 per book

These rates are for beta-reading/manuscript critique only. They are not for developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, or proofreading. Beta-reading does not include fact-checking, fixing spelling and grammar errors, etc.

Sorry, but I’m not the right reader for erotica, erotic romance, steamy romance, or horror.